Bounce Back

A while back I got an email from a good friend back in Toronto. He noticed that I had restarted my blog. I had promised to update the blog regularly, but after my round that weekend I was embarrassed to post up an entry with a terrible score. For the record I shot 92 and I barely hit any good shots. I did go out that week and work on my game. I connected with Nicky and I got him to bring me back to where we were. Unfortunately, I was letting my right hand weaken my grip, I was not rotating properly, I was rotating my forearms counter to what I had been learning. In addition, I could feel that I was NOT in the right positions, but I just couldn’t figure out why. I realized that the mechanics of my swing were wrong and reverted back to old swing. In addition, no warm up lead to a slide across the ball rather – a classic power killer. I resolved to do more Yoga 🙂

After the lesson I played on Sunday and shot a 79. I missed a few putts and I should have been a comfortable 75. Its OK ! I can’t complain. Funny thing is what when you get the mechanics right then the game is easy. I love where we are going with my swing. It is so satisfying. Last lesson, Nicky says he wants me in tournaments next spring. REALLY ???!!! It has been over 12 years since I was in a league. Back then I was a 6.1 index and playing well. I am just under 10 now and I working my way back down. I used to play on the best Amateur tour in the Toronto Area – Run by an awesome person – Mark Young. If you live in Toronto and want to get into some professionally run events in fabulous locations – then join the tour !

So, I did bounce back. And in golf its about the ability to bounce back.

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The landscape

Frank Thomas wrote an interesting article a while back in the NY Times.

The article suggests ways overcome the longer distances that the balls are travelling.  Oddly enough he suggests that it is better to leave the balls where they are and address the issue from a variety of other angles (I  suggest reading the article in its entirety, follow the link above.)

But I find this to be a strange series of proposals.  Let me set the scenario.  25 years ago, I went to a 400 yd par 4, where a 250 yd drive and a 7 iron to the green.  This, I assume was the design of the golf architect.  Now I can attack that hole with a 290 yd drive and a sand/attack wedge.  Obviously, to maintain the integrity of the course, the golf course architect needs to extend the course 40 yds, so that the hole will play the way he envisioned it.  The fundamental question is,”Why should we change the course to accomodate the ball manufacturers?”  But I think there is another issue as well, most of these pundits claim that the so-called “average” golfer does not benefit from this advanced ball technology.  If that is the case, then why bother having it there at all?  If it is a sales and marketing ploy, then who cares? Let us bring the game back to all the beautiful golf courses and NOT have to re-work golf courses because of the manufacturers.


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The Ball flies too far !

I will be addressing this issue over the next few posts.

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Hello world!

When Tiger Woods burst onto the scene he simply said “Hello World.”  It signified a momentous day in retrospect.  To those of us with a computer programming background, “hello world” is typically the first program we write in any language in order to understand the very basic concepts.  So in either case, I present “Hello World” – it may be momentous but it is my first round with WordPress, hopefully it will help me understand the basic concepts 🙂

I have decided to put some of my thoughts on golf onto this Blog site. I have another blog on MSN spaces which I use for giving accounts of my golf rounds.  But this site will be devoted to thoughts on the world of golf. I hope it helps bring some clarity and insight into the game we love so much.



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